qarbo CLASSIC - Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser

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A new take on the old classic soda streaming machine.

qarbo is the innovative sparkling water maker and fruit infuser that will literally revolutionise the way you consume sparkling beverages.

More than just a soda water maker - With qarbo, you can create sensationally flavoursome and healthy sparkling beverages by infusing the flavour of anything you put into the bottle through the magic of the carbonation process. Say goodbye to plastic-bottled drinks and hello to eco-friendly, reusable bottles.

Built for beauty and function - Designed with an eye for quality and aesthetics, qarbo is built to complement and enhance even the most refined kitchen spaces. Unlike traditional soda makers that only allow you to carbonate water, qarbo is a versatile sparkling water and beverage maker that lets you create healthy drinks with ease.

Practical and convenient - qarbo is completely portable and can be placed anywhere as it doesn't require any power. We use standard 60L CO2 cylinders that are readily available from Soda stream and others including And with a 3-year warranty, you can enjoy the benefits of qarbo for years to come.

Available in four finishes; Bronze or Chrome (electroplated), Metallic Red, and Matte Black.

Reduce your plastic waste, make your drinks healthier, and consume less sugar with qarbo sparkling water and beverage maker. Experience the difference today.

Sparkling Water Machine
1 x Aircharge Cap
2 x 1L Bottles (with 2 x screw top lids)
User Manual with starter recipes

60L CO2 Cylinder

Dimensions: 406 (H) x 152 (D) x 76 (W) mm or 16" (H) x 6" (D) x 3" (W) inches.
The bottles are approximately 380 mm tall.

Saving the planet has never tasted so good.

NOTE: Due to the difference in gas cylinder standards, this is version is for the United States and elsewhere only. Please head over here if you live in Australia or New Zealand.