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Why should you want to sparkle anything other than soda water?

Plain soda water is great. Plain soda water is tasty. Plain soda water is plain. Why just have plain soda water when you can do this?


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qarbo will literally sparkle anything and is the ONLY sparkling water maker
that can carbonate flavours directly into your soda.

qarbo at home

The perfect kitchen bench top sparkling soda maker. It's sleek, low footprint design enhances any kitchen decor and style.

It also sparkles ANYTHING. From fruit infusions, to syrups and cordials. You simple mix it up in the botlle and fizz it!

Not only perfect for healthy, low-sugar drinks - your qarbo can also make yummy cocktails and mocktails.


Why qarbo?

Pronounced [kar-bo]

Single-use plastic bottles are a major waste product and cause of environmental harm. Eliminate single-use plastic bottles with the first sparkling soda water maker that can infuse any fruit and flavours in one-go.

This means never having to buy carbonated drinks in single-use containers ever again.

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This system is so easy to use...

...and makes amazing sparkling water. Thanks for a very user friendly system.

Susie G

We both have different taste.

My partner prefers flavored but sugar free and I am plain Jane. The fruit infuser appealed to us. We are also on the road in our caravan and always needing to stock up on mineral water - not any more!!

Deanne C

We have added the qarbo to our family kitchen

...and we will not look back. Not only are we happy to be reducing the amount of single use plastic but we all love how creative we can get with our flavours. The kids love adding fruit and we love making cheeky botanical cocktails.

Bridget J

I totally love my qarbo soda machine.

In particular I love how it stays fizzy because of the uniquely designed lid. I would highly recommend this machine if you love soda water. Added bonus my husband now loves it too and he has never been one for soda water!

Kim B

I was concerned...

...with buying a product from a less well known brand. I had nothing to worry about. The customer service is some of the best I have encountered in recent years. ♡

Carina A

Space saving, great looking...

qarbo makes delicious tasting carbonated drinks with I find less added cordials that if adding after carbonation. For me I love fizzing a bottle with sliced lemon or lime and fresh mint. Very happy with our qarbo.

Kerri L

Does what I need it to do.

So refreshing not to be lugging home lots of kombucha from the shops. Frees up space, time and $. I am using it way more than I thought I would. Nice, sleek, unobtrusive design.

Catherine H