• Our planet is in trouble

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Our planet is in trouble

And we can do something about it

For us and for our children

Let's start here...

Introducing |qarbo|


The more I read about qarbo, the more I loved it.

We moved back from the US with our sparkling water machine, completely unaware we wouldn’t be able to get gas bottles for it here in Oz. We weren’t too thrilled with the aesthetics of the machines available here so we kept putting off buying one, resigned to just buying sparkling water, but conscious of all the plastic bottles. Then one day qarbo came up in my Facebook feed and I was immediately drawn to it.

Tania O, Facebook Review

Loving my new qarbo.

So easy to use and takes up hardly any space on my bench. This makes is ready to go all the time. [My local supermarket] now has kombucha mix and having the qarbo it’s so much cheaper plus the added fact that I can add lemon or fresh fruit. I take one to work with me which is money saving as well. Can’t wait till summer when all the fresh stone fruits are in.. bring it on 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕😍

Donna D, Facebook Review

I love my qarbo.

Easy to use. Makes delicious drinks and cocktails. Small footprint in my small kitchen with precious countertop space. I like that I am helping with reducing plastic waste by making my own drinks ( plus I know what’s going in them) 😊

European Diabetes Journal

One happy happy qarbostumer

I'm definitely a bit of a sceptic when it comes to online purchases,but wow qarbo delivers! I was sold at sparkle anything and won over with the sleek and stylish design. Shipping was faster then me saying qarbo and I was sipping on my pink gin, lime and mint fizz before I even could log on to zoom's happy hour.

Birgit Koller, Facebook Review

It's so easy to use and the results are delicious

I love my Qarbo! it's so easy to use and the results are delicious - especially love that your flavours can mix as part of the process, not just added like an afterthought with little to no infusion/blending.

Carly M, Facebook Review

What will be our legacy?

Our children will inherit the Earth. What kind of planet will we be leaving to them?

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