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From the success of our original qarbo CLASSIC, with 10,000+ units sold – qarbo LUXE is the next evolution in sparkling beverage makers. Get better design. Better quality. Better Carbonation. The qarbo LUXE is available here and on Amazon. Immediate shipping. 30 Day Satisfaction and Free Return Guarantee.

Time To Go Dishwasher-Safe

Yes. It's a black, dishwasher-safe, stainless steel bottle. Everyone else's steel carbonating bottle is satin brushed or polished. Boring. We have a limited first-run, so pre-order to get yours. Arriving in August 2024.


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Style Meets Function.

qarbo LUXE is the convergence of sophistication and innovation. Designed in Italy. Engineered in Australia. Unleash your creativity and elevate your hydration routine to new heights. Go beyond sparkling water by infusing natural flavours right in the bottle. Your taste, your health—completely in your control.

Better Carbonation Meets Elegance.

With our patented carbonation system, you get the fizz you crave. Plus, its sophisticated design adds a touch of luxury to any setting.

Learn about our airplus cap

Enhanced Flavor Infusion.

Use low-sugar syrups or the ability to infuse natural flavors from fresh ingredients right in the bottle, you're in control of your family's health and taste experience.

  • Elegance meets Strength

    Crafted from anodised solid metal, its sleek and enduring design guarantees not just top-notch beverages, but also a stylish statement on your countertop.

  • Effortless Carbonation

    With its intuitive design and simple operation, you can transform ordinary tap water into a sparkling masterpiece in seconds.

    Learn about the Airplus Cap 
  • The LUXE Bottle

    The secret to better carbonation and enhanced flavour. Each 1L bottle includes an Airplus Cap, a wide-mouth for easy cleaning and adding of ingredients. Stainless Steel bottle coming soon.

qarbo LUXE + Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get CO2 cylinders?

qarbo LUXE uses standard threaded 60L CO2 cylinders from SodaStream or try, for a fantastic home delivery exchange service.

User guide and care Instructions

In order to ensure reliable and safe operation the over-pressure valves (the holes on the underside of the cap) must be kept clean and free of sticky residue. To achieve this, it's important to clean the cap after each use by holding it, injection nozzle upwards under running warm water, then shake the cap to remove excess water and allow it to air dry (ideally with the nozzle down). Download our user guide and care instructions here.

Is there a glass bottle version?

There are no plans at this stage to offer glass bottles. However, stay tuned for a stainless-steel bottle that you can use to fizz right on your qarbo LUXE!

How big is qarbo LUXE?

qarbo LUXE is 440mm Tall, 100mm Wide and 200mm Deep.
qarbo LUXE Bottles are 265mm Tall (inc Cap) and 85 mm in diameter.