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Our qarbo Sparkling Water Maker and Fruit Infuser is the sleek table-top soda carbonation unit that can literally sparkle anything. 

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Any high-school chemistry student will tell you that dissolving flavours in cold, carbonated water isn't the best way to do it. Which accounts for the poor results of traditional sparkling water and soda makers.
If you have a traditional soda maker, you will know that you are only supposed to carbonate water. However, with qarbo you can now directly infuse any flavour or syrup at the same time as you're carbonating your drink.

How does qarbo do this?

The unique AIRCHARGE™ two-stage pressure release valve allows you to infuse flavours directly into the bottle with no loss of fizz and more importantly, an enhanced taste experience.
All you have to do is simply add cut up pieces of your favourite fruit (e.g. lemons, oranges, strawberries etc) or any flavour syrup (e.g. tonics, kombucha, colas etc) in the qarbo wide-mouth bottle.

Pour cold water in and with a simple activation of the carbonation injector, you'll have a fresh, flavour-full sparkling drink in seconds.
And yes, this also includes cocktails. Like a fresh Gin and Tonic made directly in your very own kitchen. Or any other carbonated alcoholic beverage you so desire


How is qarbo different from a Sodastream? - Sodastream specifically only allows you to carbonate water - otherwise you get that 'soda eruption'. Our AirCharge technology allows for the slow release of pressure to avoid such embarrassing mishaps. 
What CO2 cylinders do you use?- We use standard SodaStream 60L cylinders.  
Do you ship CO2 cylinders? Unfortunately not, these can be bought  and exchanged at your favourite retailer and online.. They last 2-3 weeks depending on usage.
Are the bottles glass? Bottles are made of BPA-free plastic - with our offer you receive 4 bottles.
How fizzy are the drinks? - you control the level of carbonation.
Where is qarbo made? - qarbo is designed in Australia and made in China.
Returns Policy - If you don't like your qarbo, you can return qarbo within 30-days.
Shipping - Currently shipping is free anywhere in the USA.

      Why qarbo?

      Every qarbo bottle used, saves three thousand single-use containers (that's a lot of plastic and aluminium). This also saves having to transport three thousand litres of water from wherever and reduces the corresponding carbon footprint.
      It is that simple.


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      Saving the planet has never tasted so good